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This full color 13"x18" Brigham Young University garden banner is two sided and lined for clear visibility from both sides. Made of 150 denier polyester, this dyed banner is Officially Licensed and comes with a plastic pole and suction cup for window display.


13" x 18"

This Brigham Young banner is designed to hang vertically from an outdoor pole or inside as wall decor. The 28" x 40" flag reads correctly from both sides. It has a liner sewn between the two sides so that no light shows through from the other side which eliminates the back side distortion. This banner has a generous 1.5" pole sleeve and is made of heavy polyester. Officially licensed by Collegiate Licensed Products and the University.

28" X 40"

These full color Officially Licensed 3' x 5' Brigham Young University flags are made of 150 denier polyester with an extra wide header and have two grommets on the 3 foot side for flying from a flagpole. To be used outdoors or as decoration indoors. The flags have been approved by Collegiate Licensed Products and the University.