• george carver

    Born into slavery (exact date unknown) George Carver became an influential scientific figure.  With understanding and supportive adoptive parents encouraging him to pursue an education George eventually became the first african-american professor at Iowa State.  Afterwards he taught for 47 years at the Tuskegee Institute, transforming the Agricultural department.  Most of Carver's work delved into soil depletion, and crop alternatives to cotton.  He promoted crop-rotation, and even developed a mobile education unit to take his research and techniques out to the farmers directly.  He donated his life's savings to develop the George Washington Carver Foundation at Tuskegee to continue agricultural research. 


  • customnauticalflags

    Did you know that we specialize in custom 12 inch by 18 inch outdoor flags?  We have the largest selection of nautical courtesy flags of any flag company.  Don't see one you want?  Just call and ask and we will make it for you!

  • We love flags......the more obscure the better; from small city flags and regional flags to colorful flags under dispute.  Some flags we make just because we like them...so if you don't see something give us a call!

  • Not just a slogan, we actually try to have "everything in flags"!  From our nylon flags Made in America to our custom made-imported patches we have products from around the world. Can't find what you are looking for? Just ask! Many of our product lines are inspired by customer inquiries. We are always on the lookout for new additions.

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