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Washington's Commander-in-Chief - 2'X3' Nylon Flag (Version 2)

If you are a serious flag collector or if you plan on displaying your flag outdoors, you should consider our line of Nylon flags. Our Navy flags are made of 100% Nylon, finished with canvas headings and brass grommets, primarily for outdoor use. Nylon flags are heavier than Polyester and stand up well to sun exposure. A Nylon flag provides a longer life of service and enjoyment. MADE IN THE USA!

The George Washington's Commander-in-Chief Flag is an official reproduction of General George Washington's personal standard during the Revolutionary War (1775-1783). This flag symbolized the presence and authority of the Commander-in-Chief as he led the Continental Army in its struggle to win independence and liberty, and to create the new American nation.

Made in United States

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2' x 3'