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Want everything you need in one package? Our 20' pole is available as a kit with a sewn Nylon 3x5' US flag, featuring embroidered stars and ideal for outdoor flying. Just $22 more than the pole alone! Our pole is 40% stronger than other poles in its class. Sizes noted are shown in feet above ground after installation.

The set includes:

* 3'x5' Nylon USA Flag
* 16 gauge x 2" O.D. aluminum pole with satin anodized finish.
* 3" gold anodized aluminum ball
* 6" die cast aluminum cleat
* Super strong halyard rope.
* 3/8" nylon snap hooks.
* PVC ground sleeve
* 2" cast aluminum truck with nylon pulley.


Ultimate home flag kit- 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester U.S. flag -- Special three-piece 6'x3/4" aluminum pole -- Silver finish -- Halyard -- Gilt plastic 5" eagle ornament -- Heavy steel mounting bracket with hardware -- Complete instructions for easy assembly -- Illustrated color brochure on flag etiquette -


This kit includes a deluxe 3'x5' nylon United States flag featuring hand-sewn stripes and embroidered stars.  A telescoping pole with a gold-tone cast aluminum eagle on top, which can be adjusted to 3 different lengths (up to 6'). Pewter finish cast aluminum bracket. Comes with list of flag-flying holidays and flag etiquette. Made in USA.