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Service Banner (One Star) - 3'X5' Nylon Flag

Designed for outdoor use, these beautiful long-wearing 3' x 5' Service Banner flags are crafted from the highest quality 200-denier nylon. The colors are dyed into the fabric for superior penetration and color-fastness. Attaching to a pole is easy with the canvas header and brass grommets on the 3' side. The hem on the fly end of the flag features 4 lock stitched rows to help prevent premature fraying.

The Service Flag or Banner is displayed by immediate family members of a person serving in the Armed Forces during a period of war. It may be flown below the US Flag on a flagpole although it is more commonly seen as a bannerette hung in a window.
Organizations and businesses may also display the Service Flag if they have members serving in the Armed Forces. Each blue star indicates one family member currently serving in the Armed Forces of the United States. The blue star is covered or replaced with a gold star if the family member is killed or died during the period of war. The gold star then takes the place of honor nearest the staff.

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3' x 5'