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Falkland Islands - 12"X18" Nylon Flag (Red Ensign)

Flags were, historically, the sole method of communication for vessels at sea. Over the years rules and regulations have developed to manage how and where flags should be used. As a matter of courtesy, it is appropriate to fly the flag of a foreign nation on your boat when you enter and operate on its waters. The courtesy flag, as it is called, is hoisted only after the appropriate authorities have granted clearance. Until clearance is obtained, a boat must fly the yellow quarantine flag. It is also considered common courtesy to fly the national flag(s) of your guest(s) on board, if they have a different nationality than the ensign the boat is showing.

Made of high quality weather-treated 200 denier nylon, this Falkland Islands flag sports a canvas header with brass grommets - perfect for any marine use.

When a flag has a civil and a state version, it is the civil version that is appropriate for use as a courtesy flag.  Sometimes a red ensign will exist if the flag has no civil/state variation, in which case the red ensign becomes the one appropriate for use as a courtesy flag.

Made in United States

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12" x 18"