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Castile and Leon (Lions and Castles) - 2'X3' Nylon Flag

Best quality for long-lasting outdoor use. Made of high quality nylon with brass grommets on the header and reinforced stitching on the fly end. Made in the USA.

Castile and Leon were first combined under King Ferdinand III in 1230 forming the Crown of Castile. Queen Isabel I was the monarch of the Crown of Castile when she married King Ferdinand II of Aragon in 1469. Isabel and Ferdinand were the patrons’ of Columbus’ voyage to the Americas and it was the flag of the Crown of Castile that was flown over the Spanish colonies in the Americas. Castile and Leon remained intact as the Crown of Castile until the 18th century when they were separated only to be recombined as the current autonomous community of Spain known as Castilla y Leon. Though the flag has many variations it has not been redesigned and remains, in essence, the same flag first adopted in 1230.

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2' x 3'