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California Republic - 3'X5' Nylon Flag

If you are a serious flag collector or if you plan on displaying your flag outdoors, you should consider our line of Nylon flags. Our California Republic flags are made of 100% Nylon, finished with canvas headings and brass grommets, primarily for outdoor use. Nylon flags are heavier than Polyester and stand up well to sun exposure. A Nylon flag provides a longer life of service and enjoyment. MADE IN THE USA!

The original Bear Flag was designed and made by William L. Todd. He painted the flag on domestic cotton cloth, roughly a yard and a half in length. It featured a red star based on the California Lone Star Flag that was flown during California's 1836 revolt led by Juan Alvaradoand Isaac Graham. The flag also featured an image of a grizzly bear statant (standing). These symbols were later incorporated into the current California state flag — including the words "California Republic."




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3' x 5'