• Utah 2024 Flag

    Utah's new state flag goes into effect March 9, 2024. From a flag design perspective we are very excited about the new flag. It is bold, relatively simple and unique! All attributes that contribute to great flag design.

  • Earth Day is coming- April 22.  Did you know the official Earth Day flag is licensed?  Flagline sells only licensed nylon and polyester Earth Day flags.  

    Flagline is an environmentally conscientious company. We try to work enviromentally friendly practices into our everyday way of life.  We re-use or recycle every box, every piece of paper, every electronic device and every piece of packaging material that comes into our place of business.  We even contract with other local businesses to re-use their packaging material!

  • customnauticalflags

    Did you know that we specialize in custom 12 inch by 18 inch outdoor flags?  We have the largest selection of nautical courtesy flags of any flag company.  Don't see one you want?  Just call and ask and we will make it for you!

  • warm fuzzies

    Stay warm and toasty this holiday season with our heavy knit acrylic scarves and our polar fleece blankets.  

  • We love flags......the more obscure the better; from small city flags and regional flags to colorful flags under dispute.  Some flags we make just because we like them...so if you don't see something give us a call!

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